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Bytesize update: Xronos code tweak, new clock concept

Today I made another small tweak to the Xronos code. When changing Alarm hours/minutes with each button press change would be written to EEPROM. This would unnecessary wear out EEPROM which is rated for 100,000 write cycles.  So I made small change to only write settings for alarm hh:mm upon exit from menu system and only if hh:mm were changed. I'm also actively ordering parts to make a 15 piece batch of Xronos Clocks for sale. That's probably too many to see if anyone buys it, but I had to order parts in bulk to get lower price... Enclosures have been ordered from Pololu, and electronic parts from various vendors. There was a set back with TaydaElectronis. I ordered some important parts (such as temperature sensors and RTC chips) but got lost in the mail, so after a month they gave me refund and I placed another order. Hopefully I will receive that one and soon. Also I started working on new version of Xronos Clock this time on a bigger scale and for the wall mounting.  It will have four 24x16 green LED displays, remote control and RF module to get temperature from outside.  Already working on small enclosure for outside temperature sensor (based on moteino)

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Xronos Update: New PCB is here! More pics

PCBs from iTead finally arrived!  It took 12 business days from ordering to receiving them, not too bad!  Strangely there was no text (silkscreen) on the back of the boards,