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Xronos Clock is unique looking, hackable, and fun to use talking alarm clock

And it has some awesome features, like multicolor LED display, custom dual alarm, and so much more!
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What is Xronos Clock?

Xronos (from greek Χρόνος [kronos] which means Time) Clock is not your average Alarm clock.  It’s open source, hackable and customizable device.  It has a stylish look, hand made, and it Talks! Heck it will even tell you temperature inside your room or from a remote sensor * !
Xronos has internal backup battery that will allow it to keep time if you forgot to plug in … if it’s just for an hour or … for a year or two!  All settings are saved to flash memory (EEPROM), so you don’t have to worry about power loss. All your alarm settings and preference will be there when power comes back on!
Since all audio files are kept on SD card inside, you can even change alarm tones, or replace voice prompts with your own**

Xronos has 3 cool looking durable arcade buttons that give you simple access to all of it’s features.

Xronos Clock Features:

  • Dual Custom Alarms with 10 Alarm tones such as melody or special effect such as train, thunder or police siren.
  • Change display color to Green, RED or Orange.
  • Adjustable Display brightness
  • 12 or 24 hour mode
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit selection for temperature sensor

New in Version 2:

  • Wireless RF module (optional) allows clock to receive data from remote sensors (such as outside temperature and humidity)*
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness
  • Easy access to micro SD card, backup battery and FTDI

See Xronos Clock in Action (Demo)

*Remote sensor not included (currently in development stage).
**Files must follow strict naming convention and be in uncompressed WAV format, 22Khz, Mono, 16 bit.

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Real Time Clock Chip upgrade/hack

December 29th, 2015|0 Comments

Xronos Clock has been using DS1307 time chip from very beginning. It’s an OK chip, and it’s biggest advantage is that it comes in DIP package to easy soldering which is great for DIY kit.

However it’s not the best and most accurate RTC chip.  It can loose or gain few seconds per day, which can turns into a minute or two in a month.  There’s a much better chip out there called DS3231. It’s super accurate and stable under wide temperature range and has built in Oscillator, while DS1307 needs a separate one soldered to the PCB.

It has only two drawbacks. Chip comes in only SMD (not thru the hole) packages and it costs a little more thatn DS1307.

I’ve been thinking how to replace DS1307 with DS3231 on existing clocks and found relatively simple solution. Solution is small adapter PCB which has DS3131 chip soldered to it and it plugs into space meant for DS1307 IC.


Customer’s feedback

Very good contact with the Len, the clock works as discribed. It was shipped to France and I really love it. Thank you for your great job.
Awesome clock. Looks great. Very well made.
What a pleasure it is to have your clock- I had this old Sony cylinder style for over a decade and every time the power went out for more than a few min it would have to be reset from scratch..