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Work in Progress: AutoDimming


Almost from very beginning when I started working on Xronos clock I had in mind to implement AutoDimming functionality. Concept is simple and used in smartphones, tablets, etc.  In the dark room LEDs become dim, so it don’t bother you when you sleeping.  In sunny conditions they become bright so it’s easier to see.  Nothing new here 🙂  However it proved to be biggest challenge for me. Only about a week ago I discovered root cause of the issue and found solution.


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Xronos clock is now for sale!

I’m happy to announce that I was finally able to make 3 clocks and listed them in my newly opened Etsy store!

Also I took some pictures of the Xronos Clock, notice the new look.

April 21st, 2013|AlarmClockUpdates|5 Comments

Picture Gallery Now Available

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