See Xronos Clock at Maker Fair in NY Sept 21&22 !

I have great news today! Xronos Clock has been selected to be at New York's Maker Fair this year! Please come and see us at New York Hall of Science in Queens September 21st-22nd (Saturday-Sunday).  We will have exhibit where you can see Xronos Clock in action and take a peek at other things like Mega Clock, Audio Guide and more!  We'll also have several clocks for sale at a discounted price including DIY Kits!

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Xronos Sonar

Today I started working on something new.  It’s an alarm clock based on Xronos but made for the blind. It has no screen, only audio prompts and of course same 3 buttons as Xronos. I’ve had this idea for a long time and today I finally started to write code.  It was somewhat challenging task, but after whole day I now have something really workable. In fact I was surprised how easy it was to use without screen connected. I didn’t start working on enclosure for Sonar yet, but you can see proof of concept video after the break. […]

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Internet is buzzing about Xronos!

I thought something’s odd was happening when I saw page hits in my Etsy shop went thru the roof yesterday. Then I checked sources and discovered that word about Xronos clock is spreading fast on the inter-webs! It seems like story was originally posted on Technobob and then went live on Gizmodo!  From there its spreading like wild fire, I found Xronos name mentioned on dozen or so blogs, many of them in Russia and Ukraine too! So what are they all saying? […]

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