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I thought something’s odd was happening when I saw page hits in my Etsy shop went thru the roof yesterday. Then I checked sources and discovered that word about Xronos clock is spreading fast on the inter-webs!

It seems like story was originally posted on Technobob and then went live on Gizmodo!  From there its spreading like wild fire, I found Xronos name mentioned on dozen or so blogs, many of them in Russia and Ukraine too!

So what are they all saying?


…But if you’re looking for a truly geektastic looking alarm clock, you’ll want to check out the Xronos.

This custom-built alarm clock has a unique style that would look perfect in a home game room or a geeky bedroom. It’s got a large LED dot-matrix display that can display time in green, red or orange, as well as in several fonts. Adding to its gamer style is the fact that it’s programmed and snoozed using real arcade buttons.

From Gizmodo:

It might have given you invincibility or unlimited ammo on the countless games that acknowledged it, but sadly the Konami code won’t buy you a single second of extra sleep on this custom Xronos alarm clock. But the large scoreboard-like LED display and use of authentic console buttons will have you wondering if you fell asleep at the arcade again.

Interesting that almost everyone refers to Xronos Clock as Arcade clock, that wasn’t my original intention 🙂  I think I urgently need to add some arcade on-screen effects to the software (i.e. pacman, pong, etc.)

Other sites I found mentioning Xronos clocks: