Lots of updates: Maker Fair, Our Shop and more!

I have some big news today! First of all we finally opened our own Web Store!  But it's not just for Xronos clocks.  We now carry  PCBs used in Xronos 2.1 so you can make your own clocks or other gadgets (clocks, display boards, toys, etc.).  We also have some electronic components and plan to have more on a way.  Electronics only (no display or enclosure) kit of Xronos 2.1 will be available soon! Second news of the day is that Xronos Clock has been accepted to participate at this years New York Maker's fair  September 20 & 21, 2014!  So look for our table at the fair to play with Xronos Clocks and other gadgets we might bring. Related to second news, I've been working on alternative version of Xronos Clock called Xronos Mini. It's a scaled down version of alarm clock, with smaller display no audio and overall smaller size. At reduced price of course. It's main goal is to be a desk or wall clock. While it can't talk, it still has microSD card slot and compatible with RF transceiver. And it will have a better accuracy Real Time Clock chip. It's still in development mode and far from production, but I hope to have displayed at Maker's fair. And since so many people requested it, we going to make a very limited number of Xronos Mega clocks available for sale later this year. Finally, I wanted to mention that I've been struggling with LED matrix displays for Xronos clocks due to inconsistencies from manufacturer Sure Electronics. Latest batch of displays received had slight different dimensions, forcing slight redesign of the enclosures.  I'm going to give a try of making my own [...]