Tutorial: LED Bar Graph

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to control simple 10 LED Bar Graph array w/ Arduino or Arduino clone MCU and MAX7219 (also works with MAX7221) LED controller chip. Here’s video of finished product in action


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Xronos 2.1 Schematic and board files are now online


Looks like I completely forgot to upload V2.1 Eagle files to the site. It’s now available in the Technical Data section.

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2.1 Manual is available now!

New manual for V2.1 of Xronos clock has been created!

You can download PDF file here.

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Latest firmware (2.06) released

Version 2.06 has just been released with lots of important bug fixes!

List of changes:

Fixed issue where internal temperature offset was affecting external sensor data as well
Added SD card read retry to fix issue with RFM12B and SD Card interference
Fixed Infrared Sensor memory allocation error

Also I’ve added links to missing libraries.

As usual firmware, source code and libraries can be downloaded from Techncial Data page.

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We now offer DIY Kits for Xronos Clocks!

If you love to solder and make things with your hands, you can now purchase Xronos 2.1 kit in our store!

Latest assembly manual can be found here

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What’s the harm in soldering IC backwards?

So I’ve been soldering bunch of Xronos boards in preparation for the Maker Fair, and somehow soldered time chip (DS1307) backwards.  Obviously it didn’t work, although I had no problem uploading sketch. Then I felt a little heat coming from the board when I was passing my hand over it, and then I touched DS1307… and burned my finger… I’m surprised Chip didn’t start smoking 🙂

But what a pain it was desoldering it!

Don’t repeat my mistake, pay close attention how you orient ICs, electrolytic capacitors and diodes (yes I did diode wrong way too once, with less dramatic results, but it took a while to figure out what was wrong).

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Latest Firmware version relased. IR and humidity sensor support!

I’ve done some code rewriting since last versions and now ready to present to you Version 2.04 rev 4.

Whats new in this version:

In addition to new firmware I rewrote deployment batch file to make loading firmware easier but using same batch file for all versions of Microprocessor and variations of Xronos clocks.

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World’s smallest geiger counter watch

All the time I come across some really cool technology that I want to write about even tho it’s not related to Xronos Clocks. So I’m introducing “Misc Tech” category.

Today I wanted  to write about world’s smallest Geiger counter: PM1208 wrist watch made by Polimaster.  I have some high resolution pictures of the insides of the watch at the end of this post if you are curious.

I’ve always been fascinated by seeing “unseen” and radiation is just a thing. It all around us, it can kill us if levels are too high, but we have no way to sense it (at least not until it’s too late). So about 10 years ago I bought  wrist watch that could detect gamma rays.  Very expensive ($400) but also very cool!
Quick overview of PM1208

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Pinout connections schematic of Xronos board 2.x added

I’ve documented all pins of the main board used inside Xronos clock and organized in easy to read chart.It can be very useful if you plan to hack your Xronos clock or just use standalone board for your projects!

You can download schematic here, or view on the Technical Data page.

Kudos for inspiration and pin labeling goes to Felix from LowPowerLabs and “PigHixxx”

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See Xronos Clock at Maker Fair in NY Sept 21&22 !

I have great news today! Xronos Clock has been selected to be at New York’s Maker Fair this year!

Please come and see us at New York Hall of Science in Queens September 21st-22nd (Saturday-Sunday).  We will have exhibit where you can see Xronos Clock in action and take a peek at other things like Mega Clock, Audio Guide and more!  We’ll also have several clocks for sale at a discounted price including DIY Kits!

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