Small update today.

I rewrote big chunks of code, fixing lots of bugs and improving menu system. Here’s short list of changes:

– Fixed Talking Menu (completely rewrote it actually)- Moved User selection of which items to announce to separate submenu
– Added submenu items to toggle which options will scroll in InfoDisplay (i.e. you can show only date and temperature, or just temperature outside)
– Fixed RF indicator code, now dot will stay RED if no data received in over 5 minutes.

On hardware front, V 2.1 of enclosure (3 prototypes) are being laser cut and I should get it within a week or 2.

I also modified code for Moteino based temperature transmitter to use LowPower library (it will sleep for 5 minutes between temperature updates) and changed power source to 2 AA batteries. Will keep measuring power output to see how long batteries will last.

Also I ordered big batch of Red PCBs (V2.1) which I plan to include in the kit or sell separately if anyone interested 🙂